Web Solutions

Web Solutions

BO Technology internet solutions have a proven track record of performance in meeting the needs of our customers. From taking over existing live websites to the building and integration of complex back‐office systems and the build of websites from the ground up, BO Technology development and management services have been the answer.


A web application specifically designed to facilitate management of the manufacturing process, from the drawing board to the market.  This application focuses on the marketing of scented material to market fragrances.

Metro homes

Web application specifically designed for real estate agencies to present their rental inventories online. 

Ales group

Web application providing corporate managers the opportunity to monitor and manage their road sales reps, including oversight of schedules, sales expectations, communications orders and associated fulfillments.


ICSupp is a web-based application designed specifically for the Electronic Component Distribution Industry. In today's fast-paced world, using information technology wisely is crucial to staying competitive and growing your business. BO Technology understands this challenge and offers a comprehensive solution dedicated to electronic component brokers and wholesalers. Regardless of the company size, ICSupp can help successfully fulfill daily operations. With ICSupp, it becomes easy to manage and track Requests for Proposals, Requirements, Quotes, Sales and Purchasing Orders, Inventory Control, Shipping, Invoicing, Account Receivables and much more from anywhere in the world. ICSupp provides total visibility on broker's day-to-day workflow.