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Odyssee Device

Aures', POSLIGNE systems are the fruit of 20 years of experience. The POSLIGNE concept is based on the understanding that it is no longer enough to have the right technology, however advanced it may be. Retailers must also be in control of the appearance of their POS systems in order to maintain their image and visual identity – all the way to the till. Long neglected, the design, color and ergonomics of IT equipment are in fact key components of the sales environment.

Integrated touchscreen terminal with eight interchangeable colors to blend perfectly with every kind of retail style, décor and atmosphere

Odyssé is the first exclusive POSLIGNE® collection of integrated point-of-sale terminals with distinctively styled, colorful and contemporary lines.

The unique ‘‘Clip’n Color’’ concept uses interchangeable polycarbonate color clips located on the unit’s sides, touchscreen surround and integrated customer display, Odyssé can change its color to match retail stores’ brand image and visual identity as these evolve over time. Combining design style and high performance, the one-of-a-kind Odyssé terminal incorporates the latest POS technologies (Intel P4 processor, RAID 0/1, RFID, Wi-Fi interface, SATA disk drives and more).

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