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Build a business, not a website


The short answer: Yes, we do design-only projects. The longer answer: There are unpublished limitations as to what's visually and logistically possible with a an off-the-shelf cart, without a major rewrite of the code. However, the cart's developer should be able adapt our designs to their system while keeping the overall look and feel.


At the end of the project, we provide a single-domain license to use, copy, modify, but not resell the programming code itself that we provide. It's commercial Open Source software. You take possession of all the source code at the end of the project, along with programmer documentation, design files, and a custom user's guide.

You get exclusive ownership of any and all design elements we create for your project. In other words, we don't re-use your designs. They belong exclusively to you.


We may charge recurring fees or a percent of sales or a flat rate, based on your project's size and requirements. Our goal is to be fair with you and that we together achieve success. You'll need to pay recurring fees for hosting and your payment gateway — but not to us. Shared hosting will run about $50 a month. Your own dedicated server will cost $200 per month or more. Payment gateway pricing varies by plan.


In almost all cases, the answer is, "yes". There are unlimited Open Source scripts that work with our system. We use 3rd-party calendars for ship-to dates, we use an Open Source CMS, we've integrate 3rd-party email programs, shipping software and shipping tools, fulfillment software; we use Open Source Flash players, can integrate CRM software (such as Salesforce), and on and on. There really are no built-in limits with our system. We regularly use existing scripts (Open Source or commercial) when it's faster than building some feature from scratch. The point is creating an ecommerce application that exactly meets the needs of your unique business, and that can scale in the future.


This is the idea!  The entire website can be managed and updated by you, the client, without needing a webmaster or technician. In the case of an informational website or brochure site, we can integrate a CMS that exactly meets the project's needs.


We provide programmer documentation and a custom user's manual. With this level of documentation, future programmers can get "up to speed" quickly. Any experienced PHP or .NET programmer can work on Transmission and make future updates. Since every ecommerce project is different, each one gets a custom manual.


Projects usually come with 60-days free after-support. During the project, we have a well-structured and clear process for navigating the complexities of an ecommerce project. As consultants, we can provide expert advice on ecommerce best practices, Web standards, usability standards, and the many technical and creative options available.


Yes. Or, if needed, we can provide hosting recommendations. Here are the basic server requirements: Operating System: Linux/Unix Web Server: Apache. (v. 2 or higher), with enabled mod_rewrite module. Data Base: mySQL (v. 4.0 or higher) Scripting Language: PHP (version 5.0 or higher) with ability to set PHP settings, sessions support and enabled GD module. Mod_rewrite engine is required


Not only we can help but an ecommerce without SEO is almost a mistake. This is part of the offering BO Technology can provide. 90% of our clients see real progress and ROI well within their first 6-month engagement with us.


For advance work BO Technology has partnered with New York Base Elser and Aucone for visual branding. We can provide website design, GUI design, logo design, and other visual design that expresses your brand ideas and ideals. Our work results in design and programming output, and not so much scholarly discussion. We assume our clients have a pretty good understanding of their brand's personality and their target market. Based on your input and our research, experience, and talent, we represent that visually — in the form of a logo design and a website design. Our projects are all Web based, as opposed to a true branding company that works across media and physical spaces. However, we do create print and advertising materials to support our Web clients.


IT Solutions


It is our goal to work with you and to provide professional, personal and quality IT Solutions.

BO Technology is your complete resource for experienced IT Professionals that deliver solutions in the following areas:

  • Windows Server
  • Exchange/Outlook
  • Microsoft SQL
  • Terminal Server
  • Citrix Metaframe
  • Clustering
  • Information Security
  • Infrastructure Design
  • Integrations/Migrations
  • Deployment/Rollouts
  • Internet Connectivity
  • Enterprise Security
  • Firewalls
  • Routers
  • Switches
  • VPN
  • Wireless Networks
  • Consolidation
  • Storage Area Networks
  • Backup Solutions
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Desktop Management
  • Anti-Virus Solutions
  • Faxing Solutions

This is where we can help, we are IT! One of the first steps in our relationship is for us to audit your infrastructure. The reason is to understand where you are and to make sure that your own understanding of your site is ours and in sync with the reality. We look closely at your servers, backup solution, security (from outside to inside but also from within) and identify ways to improve and when possible save money. There is always a way you can save money with IT while staying efficient. After the audit is done, we’ll sit down with you and present you with our findings and recommendations. There is always room for improvements and we’ll present an action plan with priorities and budgets. If you’d like we can help you in delivering solutions, from critical to nice to have according to your budget, timeline and availability.


Yes! We can provide you with as little as you need or want to a full time onsite IT team. It is that simple. We take care of IT and you focus on your business.

I know I need help but don’t really know what to ask.

That is understandable. In this case we’ll sit down with you and figure out together the best way to help. We have been able to help small to large businesses with each time an unique and at time challenging and complex needs.


Yes! Regardless of the size of your business there is a good chance that you are using more than one system to manage your business and data. There is also a great deal of chance that somewhere in your processes you are loosing information or time because not all data is centralized or efficiently managed. This is an area where BO Technology can definitively help too. We are specialist in improving business processes. From large to small we’ve done it!